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Thin wall titanium heat exchanger made by additive manufactruing

In collaboration with 3D Medlab on TEAM Henri-Fabre, we have produced a thin wall heat exchanger by additive manufacturing on EOS 400 with Titanium. The heat exchanger is made of wavy fins (0.2mm) and curved tubes (thickness 0.5mm) in a curved shape (overall size 100x120x25mm). TEMISTh has developped a special methodology in order to optimize heat exchanger, make the design (on SolidWorks by Dassault Systèmes, on Autodesk Netfabb) an perform the simulation (on StarCCM+ v13 by Siemens PLM Software).

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Capture_NetFAB_v190121 Radiateur_finX_v190117_Scalar Scene 2 3DMedLab_HX_Titane_EOS400

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