Technology leader for high performances thermal systems



Come and visit us on our booth on April 9&10th 2024 at Double Mixte Lyon to discussed about our advanced manufacturing solutions for thermal management.

On our booth, you will see additive manfucaturing, CNC and FSW assembly.

Since 12 years TEMISTh supports big companies in the developmement of innovatives solutions from the design and the simulation of a complex physics to the manufacturing of prototypes and small series of heat exchangers, heat sink or cold plates.

Our team gather experts in CFD simulation, from air flow to supercritical heat transfer ; FEA for mechanical analysis ; heat exchanger design ; advanced manufacturing and experimental measurements.

TEMISTh is also developing its own solution such as heat recovery for sCO2 brayton cycle. Our CEO will give a talk on this specific topic developed acroos the DESOLINATION project.

Une nouvelle façon de concevoir et de produire pour les énergies du futur