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NEWSLETTER January 2024

All the TEMISTH team wishes to our partners and customers happiness, health, and success for 2024. We believe this year will face great challenges for the industry, the economy and moreover for the climate All these challenges are opportunities for improving technologies, comfort and saving our environment.

We invest in ANSYS FLUENT

Following our recent investment in ANSYS MECHANICAL, we invest in FLUENT with 3 more HPC that will allow us to perform simulation 512 cores for both software.

A special thanks to CADFEM France team for their support in acquiring these new tools.

From January 30th to February first, we will attend Hyvolution 2024 in Paris. On the Capenergies pavillon. It will be the occasion to show our capacities in design and simulation of high pressure and temperature fluids such as hydrogen or supercritical CO2.


As every year since 2018, we wil attend the Thermal conference of The International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS). IMAPS is the largest society dedicated to the advancement and growth of microelectronics and electronics packaging technologies.

IMAPS thermal conference is the occasion to discover :

  • Cooling solutions for microelectronics packaging,
  • Thermal modeling and simulation,
  • Heatsinks, heat pipes and other cooling products,
  • New cooling solutions,
  • Overviews or examples of products, systems cooling, power electronics, automotive transport,


Since 2021, TEMISTh is involved in WearMe! Project that aims to develop components of a mask developed by the Londoner company ZELP that will reduce the quantity of methane emitted by cows. The methane is oxidized in a catalyst developed by CTP in Austria. To reach the temperature of oxidation a heat exchanger system in set. Using Additive manufacturing, TEMISTh has reduced the size of the HX that allows a better integration in the device and increase the comfort of the cow.

WearMe! Project was granted by Eureka Network. On Temisth side fundings come from BPI France.

For more information about WearMe! Go on ZELP website :  

New arrival in the team

In November, we have integrated two news apprentices.

Ms Sirine GHOUL that will work on our experimental tests loops (Heat exchangers, Cold plate, pressurized air tightness and specific loops). Sirine joined the team for the 2 next years. She follows a university program at IUT de St Jérôme (Marseille) specialized in physical measurements.

Mr. Soufiane LAZZIZ will work at the production unit of friction stir welded cold plates. With Sebastian TOGNACCA, he will be in charge of CAO, tooling, welding and quality controls. Soufiane is following a bachelor program at Lycée Jean PERRIN (Marseille).

For more information contact us at

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