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TEMISTh, Additive heat exchanger

3D printing is disrupting the industrial world. Using one process, piece of aircraft, spaceship or a car can be materialized in only few hours. By adding metal layer by layer a complex structure can be produced from a 3D files optimized with numerical tools. This is what TEMISTH is doing for thermal systems.

Heat exchangers are core components of energy systems. Their optimization in terms of integration, weight and performances can enhance the performances of energy systems. For example, Thermal engines, for cars, aircraft or electricity production, are loosing a huge amount of energy by thermal losses on exhausted gas. Using heat exchanger for recovering heat on exhaust gas allows saving fuel consumption, thus save money and reduce  CO2 emission.

Concretly, TEMISTh is supporting industrial companies in their novel product development using additive manufacturing. With customer, we imagine a new concept of heat exchanger using all the potential of 3D printing in order to obtain a better integration, a weigthless part with enhanced performances. From this concept we perform a feasibility study. If it is OK, we ensure the modelization, the conception, the choice of the manufacturing process and its parametrization, the prototyping and finally the proof of concept on a test loop.

The company was founded in 2012 by a team of resarchers in the field of thermal systems and is located in Marignane in the TEAM Henri-Fabre platform. This platform give us access to experts and machine of additive manufacturing.

Nowadays, TEMISTh is working for various market such as Aerospace & Defense (with a strong partnership with SOGECLAIR Aerospace), Oil&Gas, Automotive and Foundry industry, mainly located in Europe. We are exploring new area such as China.

In the future, TEMISTh ambitions to became a leader of additive heat exchanger by providing  numerical tools dedicated to the optimized conception and parametrization of parts for additive manufacturing.

Une nouvelle façon de concevoir et de produire pour les énergies du futur