30% of CO2 emissions can be saved with more energy efficiency ! Heat exchangers are core components of it.

For improving energy efficiency, new technologies are appearing. New energy vectors such as hydrogen, switching from thermal to electrical engine, improving the efficiency of concentrated solar plant etc. are currently in development all around the world.

All these new technologies are facing the same challenges : compacity, high performances materials and more sustainable and more heat in a small volume ...

Facing these challenges, TEMISTh provides solutions for thermal management that allow to be more integrated, more efficient and using less material. Using metal additive manufacturing (3Dprinting), we develop custom heat exchangers for niche market : Aerospace and defence, energy and process, automotive.

Concretely, TEMISTh ensure an end-to-end development from low to high TRL :

  • Design and simulation using powerful softwares : nTopology, ANSYS Mechanical, StarCCM+
  • Advanced Manufacturing : 3D printing, CNC, Friction Stirwelding
  • Tests of performances and qualifications (performances, tightness etc)
  • Serial production from 1 up to 1000 parts

2 main categories of products are developed :

  • High value heat exchangers for high pressure, high temperature and corrosive environnement.
  • Cold plates for electronics or converters cooling.

TEMISTh is located in south-east of France, in Marignane, in a technical center dedicated to advanced manufacturing : TEAM Henri-Fabre. With a high skilled team is composed of high engineers and Ph.D specialized in simulation and manufacturing, the company aims to be a leader in innovative thermal solutions technologies.

  If you have any issue in heating, coouling and managing the tempeature of your systems, contact us  !