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Additive heat exchanger for heat recovery at high temperature

Heat recovery on exhaust gas

TEMISTh is developping a heat exchanger for heat recovery application on exhaust gases, for example on automotive engine. The sample…
Pitot probes made by additive manufacturing

Pitot Probes thermal management

Pitot probes allow estimating aircraft speed by measuring dynamic and static pressure. At high altitude, icing the device is a…

PCHE heat exchanger in additive manufacturing

In order to propose a new generation of PCHE (Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger), TEMISTh is testing the potential of additive…
Additive heat exchanger with additive manufacturing

HEWAM – Heat Exchanger With Additive Manufacturing

HEWAM project aims to develop a heat exchanger using all the potential of additive manufacturing. We propose a geometry that fits…

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